Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ruby on Rails: Full text search options

1. Search Engine without Plugins/Gems [Link 1 | Link 2]

2. Search Engine using Plugins

acts_as_ferret [Link1 | Link2]
- It simple to implement full text search for Rails. It builds on Ferret Ferret which is a ruby port of Apache Lucene . It is a technology suitable for nearly any application that requires full-text search.

- allows ranked boolean-queried fulltext search to be added to any Rails app with no dependencies and minimal setup.

- open source fulltext search engine with both local access and access through an HTTP interface.

acts_as_solr [Link1 | Link2]
- very robust search server based on the Lucene Java library with a mature acts_as_solr Rails plugin.

acts_as_tsearch [Link1 | Link2]
- simple full text search for any model if you're running against Postgresql for the database.

acts_as_xapian [Link1 | Link2] **
- is a search plugin for Ruby on Rails. It makes use of the Xapian search engine and it's ruby bindings.
- This plugin is currently suitable for small to mid size projects, that need a powerful full text search solution. It claims to be easy in use, well integrated into Rail's ActiveRecord plus a straightforward code base.

ThinkingSphinx **
- Sphinx is a very fast search engine that indexes data and provides flexible ways of searching it. Thinking Sphinx allows you to link up your models into Sphinx simply and painlessly -– because let’s face it, searching across multiple fields using SQL is a pain in the neck.

Ultrasphinx [Link1 | Link2]
- very powerful, very fast indexing, and easy to use.
- Recommended cron jobs for Sphinx on your production server.

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