Monday, August 17, 2009

Ruby on Rails : First run of InstantRails

I have downloaded v1.0 Preview 8 of InstantRails (there was also a release candidate version but the link is giving me a 404). After unzipping, you just need to run instantrails.exe in the home directory. There are 2 indicators – MySQL and Apache. Apache gave me trouble, giving an error: “Apache cannot be runned : another Web server use the Web port”.

(For your info: I have Windows 2000 SP3 and all the latest patches + Norton Firewall + dLink router with firewall enabled)

First you need to check if you have IIS enabled and running and will need to stop that. Here is how you do that on Windows 2000 / XP:

* Right click My Computer
* Left click Manage
* Expand Services and Applications. Check if Internet Information Service is there.
* If it is then expand it. Expand Websites. Left click on Default Website
* Then Right click Default Websit and if STOP is available to click on then IIS is running on the port InstantRails wants to use. (taken from here)

I knew that I had no IIS running, so I had to go to Configure -> Apache in InstantRails, search for the following in the httpd.conf file:

# Port: The port to which the standalone server listens. Certain firewall
# products must be configured before Apache can listen to a specific port.
# Other running httpd servers will also interfere with this port. Disable
# all firewall, security, and other services if you encounter problems.
# To help diagnose problems use the Windows NT command NETSTAT -a
Port 80

and change “Port 80″ to “Port 3000″, then save the config file. After that, I hit Apache button in the InstantRails main window and it started. Norton Firewall gave me a warning about apache.exe accessing internet, and I gave it full rights (not sure if this is secure, but I want to start trying out Ruby already!).

Voila, everything is running. I access and it gives me a “Coming Soon!” message. Now, I know that Apache is working. So the set up was quite painless. Let’s do some test coding!

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