Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lotus Notes: Forwarding mail setting

Version: IBM Lotus Notes 8

Example 1:
1. Look for 'Actions' at most top panel and click on it.
2. Goto Forward Mail Settings
3. Click 'Click to Enable'
4. Edit Forwarding Address > Close
5. Done.

Example 2:

1. Look for 'Tools' at the left side panel and click on it, navigation menu will expand and display 'Rules', 'Stationery'.
2. Click 'Rules', and look for 'New Rule' button.
3. Click 'New Rule', it will show a pop-up window,
   Create condition:
          - select 'all documents'
          - click 'Add' button
   Specify Actions:
          - select 'send copy to' and 'full'
          - key in the recipient at 'to:' field (xxx@abc.com)
          - Click 'Add Action' button
4. Check all the informations, if correct, click 'OK' button.
5. Done.

Other Example: Use rules to automate e-mail processing in Lotus Notes

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